Best Pool Fencing Specialists in Melbourne

Best Pool Fencing Specialists in Melbourne

Melbourne Fencing Specialists 

Having a pool can help you exercise, cool off in summer months, and entertain guests in luxury. However, not many people realize the importance of having proper pool fencing and struggle to find Melbourne fencing specialists.

We have a ton of experience dealing with pool fencing—seeing as we’re the top pool fencing specialist in Melbourne—so we’re going to share all our insight here. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about Melbourne fencing specialists. 

If you read till the end, then you’ll be readily equipped to find a suitable pool fencing in Melbourne. 

Why Glass Fencing 

Glass fencing is an excellent choice for an unobstructed view of your backyard. At the same time, the fencing will keep your kids and your pets safe. AVI Glass Fencing meets the Victoria safety code with our durable, locking fencing. 

Our glass fencing solutions are suitable for both residential and commercial pools and spas. We are happy to have many satisfied clients in Melbourne East and North Eastern Suburbs including Emerald and Chelsea. 

AVI Pool Fencing Benefits 

AVI Glass Fencing is dedicated to delivering high-quality fencing sourced from premium quality glass. We make sure that our glass fencing is durable and will last season after season. Our glass fencing complies with Australian Standard AS 1926, so you can be assured that it’s sturdy and safe. 

We also specialise in providing stylish pool fencing to our clients. Elevate your pool and spa with the luxury appeal of a sleek glass fence. Not only is a pool fence great for increasing your property value, but it will also keep your pool compliant with Australian safety standards. 

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Australian Fencing Regulations 

New laws to raise pool and spa safety standards came into effect in Victoria on December 1, 2019. Homeowners or businesses with a swimming pool must register the pool and spa with their local council. 

Owners also have to have safety fences inspected and obtain a certificate of fencing compliant with the local council. AVI Glass is a reputable Melbourne fencing specialist who will ensure you’re compliant with the laws in Victoria. 

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Melbourne Glass Fencing Ideas and Cost 

AVI Glass specialists have a team of designers that will help you determine the best fencing design for your property. Our materials will be hand made to your specifications and design. You won’t be able to purchase this high quality, luxury fencing from local hardware stores like “At Your Service” Hardware or Bunnings! 

Our unique glass fencing panels are a custom pool fencing solution that you won’t find anywhere else. Let us give you a free quote on your glass pool fencing today. 

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How to Get a Quote 

We hope this article helps you to identify Melbourne fencing specialists to keep your pool and spa stylish and safe. Call our expert, friendly team at (03) 9799 9005 to get stylish fencing for your pool and spa. 

You can also request an obligation-free quote from our online form.

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