Stylish, Frameless Glass Pool Fencing For Melbourne Properties

AVI Glass Fencing offers frameless glass pool fencing in Melbourne with excellent durability and timeless styles. If you are searching for solutions that create a sense of space and light, our frameless glass pool fencing solutions are ideal for you.

These are fully frameless glass pool fencing solutions that enhance the view of your pool as well as your garden while ensuring safety for your children and pets. Not only that, the fencing also greatly improves the value and luxury appeal of your property.

Explore more and learn what makes our pool fencing the best option to keep your pool secure.

Quality Construction

We manufacture the frameless glass pool fencing using premium quality 12mm thick toughened glass with polished bevel edges. These glasses are made to Australian standards. The fences are mounted on mini-posts, made from stainless steel, and they provide excellent durability with great corrosion resistant capabilities.
We use 316 marine grade stainless steel to manufacture mini-posts, and that can enhance the durability of the fences considering the changing seasons of Melbourne. From time to time, we perform quality checks on the products to ensure that our customers are getting the highest quality products from us.

Customised To Your Requirements

You have the option to choose frameless glass fencing based on your requirements, including size, colour, design, and other factors. Do you want a custom designed frameless glass fencing for your pool? You can contact us with your specific requirements.

If required, our fencing specialists can visit your property and design fencing solutions based on your property requirements. We will give you an instant quote for the fencing and ensure you get a transparent service experience. You can also visit our glass fence showroom located in Dandenong to see our range.

Easy Installation And Hassle-Free Maintenance

Our fencing specialists will come to your property and complete the installation in no time. You can also contact us for quick repair services from anywhere in Victoria.

The frameless pool fencing needs minimal maintenance. Since the fencing comes without any metal frames, you will find it easy to clean and maintain. The quality of the toughened glass and manufacturing standards reduce the issues of wear and tear.

You will find your frameless pool fencing looks fresh and new with minimal maintenance even several years after the installation.

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